These are actually very simple tasks to live by, we do not really understand why people have forgotten or maybe have they taken it all for granted.Simply washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 2 minutes is truly the simplest means of keeping it clean.Do not fret because it is not just you or your family, but it is the whole world going through this NCOV dilemma right now.There is a silver lining after all of this and we know that.

Today, March 15th is the start of what they call “Community Quarantine” or “Lockdown,” if ou go out in the streets right now or watch too much news, you might even think that it could be something else.

Then again, let us go back to the main fact the #NCOV19 virus is out there and it can basically hit anybody and anyone, whatever lifestyle of race, and the basic solution is to keep yourself and your family away of harms way by staying at your own homes, avoiding going out as much as you can.

It is of course ideal to stock up on all of your necessities since most of us will be staying indoors for the whole month, but is is also NOT recommended that we do Panic Buying. All of us need all these supplies, we should only get what is enough for our family as other families need them too. Not just the food or the alcohol, or the face masks, basically everything in general. If lines are pretty long in the supermarket, you can always go to the nearest talipapa or palengke.

Slender Sips wants to remind you to always keep safe and healthy. Keep drinking our coffee or juice drink mix. They are available on line or through our distributors. Send us your messages of concern.

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